The secret to long term weight loss and maintenance; Change your mind-set.

You need to change the way you think about food forever to achieve your goal.

Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Do you know when you feel full or do you keep eating?

It can take 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full. That’s a lot of extra food that you could consume in 20 minutes.

This is where knowing what a Portion size is will become invaluable.

  • Do you feel hungry or could you be mistaking thirst for hunger?

Solution; try drinking a glass of water, wait 10 minutes and see if your ‘hunger has gone away’.

  • Do you eat because its break time during work but you don’t really feel hungry?

By all means eat if you are hungry but it might be a good plan to make this a carbohydrate free area, (most snacks contain high amounts of carbs and are highly processed). Just think; scones, bars, crisps, chocolate etc.

  • Do you eat because others are eating?

Again you need to ask yourself if you are hungry.

  • Do you pick, because it’s there in front of you?

Again ask yourself are you hungry?

  • When dining out do you find you are eating a bigger portion because it is put in front of you?

If you do a good solution to this is always leave something on your plate. Don’t feel guilty; you’re not a rubbish bin.

A good analogy I can across recently; you wouldn’t put diesel into a Ferrari.

  • Fuel your body!

You can’t expect to perform at your best, whether it’s in work, school, home, sports etc. if you don’t feel at your best.