More & more often I hear from my clients that the hardest part of trying to eat healthy is time or the lack of time. Our lives are busier than ever & the evenings are taken up with activities, often multiple activities & the time to cook is taking a back seat. The juggling act takes a toll on our stress levels & then add in arriving home late, hungry with a hungry family to feed. Its not easy & while the fastest thing to do might be pop a frozen processed meal into the oven its not going to be the most nutritious or filling meal in the world.  I’ve taken one of my favourite pieces of time saving equipment to discuss here.

I think this are so handy & I use it almost daily at this stage.

It can be bought locally & are well worth the investment (if you use them weekly).

Today I’m going to discuss the Slow cooker!

I’m on my 2nd one (due to overuse) & often contemplate buying a another one so I can cook more food for the freezer when I am cooking.

Soups, so easy, any type/stews think beef & vegetable, Irish stew/casseroles/curries. All easy to make & can cook on low so you arrive home to the a beautiful aroma when you open the door after work.

You can also make  a homemade chicken stock from the leftover carcass for use in the soups to make them more nutritious.

They have a range of different settings including low so you can cook the dish slowly over the day.

Bulk cook & freeze one of each every time.

Next time I’ll discuss the Nutri blender.

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