I love Christmas! But every year Christmas starts earlier & by the start of December it’s a free for all on the sweets, mince pies, cake etc. This year it’s started earlier (I’m blaming COVID-19 lockdowns & special offers in the supermarkets!)

Seeing all the boxes of chocolates on sale reminds me of a conversation I had with a client recently.
We were discussing the boxes of chocolates arriving at the staff canteen & as you walk by you pick up a few sweets. Before you know it, you could have eaten 20 sweets per day.
This has been the norm for years, along with weight gain that follows.
Also noted were the generous gifts from customers, parents in schools etc, the boxes are opened & gone before the holidays start.
But in order to get a different result this year you need to change an old habit & create a new one.

Say no!

Think about it; do you really want the chocolates? Would you remember even having them a few hours later? Do you want to create a healthier you? Try saying no & see how you feel once the logning has gone or yuo walk away from the box.
Uncomfortable at the start but once you get over saying no & realise you don’t feel you missed out, you will actually be glad & able to pat yourself on the back for startign to create a new habit.

Creating a habit or changing a habit.
Both can be difficult; you may fail many times but if you persevere you will get there & these habits become normal.
Get familiar with saying No.
Starting Christmas in November (the eating part I mean) means you could have added 3-4 kgs by Christmas. Save the chocs for Christmas & spend the next 5 weeks creating those new habits instead.

If you are the giver of the sweets maybe rethink this & send in a colourful basket of fruit instead?

If you buy the sweets now to save until Christmas (knowing you will open them soon), then maybe wait until Christmas week. Doubtful that the shops will run out.

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