Free Vitamin D


  • Fully focused talk on Optimal Health & Nutrition targeted for your staff, discussing the different food groups and benefits of eating a varied diet.

  • Incorporating the ‘need to know’ facts about eating for you as an individual.

  • I will provide fun sized food ideas & swops to gain the most from your diet.

  • Simple ideas to help fuel body & mind without spending hours cooking.

  • Q&A to finish off every session.

  • Each participant will get a soft copy of the workshop to take home at the end of the event.

  • Each participant can also avail of a discount from a consultation with Optimal Health & Performance after the event if they wish to.

  • Best suited to 20 plus staff, (if more than 75 then its best to split groups to ensure everyone gets to partake).

Lentil & Celeriac Cottage Pie


  • Let’s chat & cook! Note: Adequate cooking facilities on site are required.

  • As a qualified Chef & lover of good food Jackie realises not everyone wants to spend hours cooking therefore recipes & demonstrations reflect this.

  • Getting creative with food; using simple fun ideas while we chat about the nutritional benefits of the foods, we are cooking to fuel your body & mind.

  • Cook offs for competitive staff, fully supervised cook offs after a demonstration by myself.

  • Guessing games! Guess what’s in this dish, from the tasty simple flavours (to encourage use of new foods) to the ‘I can’t believe you put that into that dish’, a fun way of adding some zest into the usual staples.

  • Recipes provided for all attendees.

Weight Loss


  • A quick-fire way of ensuring your staff know you value them as an individual.

  • Individual 15 mins consultations to discuss any area of their diet (excluding how to treat medical conditions).

  • Topics that have been discussed before including; weight, fat loss, family eating, eating out, eating & travelling for work, best foods for energy, avoiding the afternoon slump, stress eating, foods to help you get the most from training, but are truly focused on the individual.

  • I will provide a form to be filled in prior to the consultation to ensure the employee gets the most from their session.

  • This gives back real value to the employees & improves their wellbeing. Feedback has always been incredibly positive from staff.



The ongoing wellness program is designed to improve health and productivity in your employees while providing ongoing individual attention to each participant.

Carried out on an individual or group basis (max group 10), multiple groups can be accommodated, weigh ins, ongoing monitoring of food diaries and their general health (over a 12 week to 6-month period).

Meal suggestions, snacks, easy recipes, motivation, analysis of each food diary!

Weekly/fortnightly weigh-in include analysis of body composition: weight, body fat, muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat, metabolic age, (always a good motivator)! Note: this works very well as an individual one to one for some employees were others may prefer the group, ‘buddy type’ system. Both can be given an option.

∼ Eating for performance seminar.

Ideal if your staff are sports minded & competitive. We can discuss pre/during & post-race & training nutrition to help them perform to the best of their ability.

∼ Supermarket shopping tips & understanding food labels.

∼ Food swops, the dirty dozen!

Swop 12 foods you think may be healthy for better versions.

∼ Includes nutritional benefits of swopping.

You chose the topic! As a company staff will often have their own ideas & Optimal Health & Performance will put a plan in place to suit your needs.


Nutrition is a really important factor in how you perform both on & off the ‘field’ Energy levels can have a serious decrease from eating the wrong type of food or eating at the wrong time.

Jackie has given numerous talks to many sports clubs/ages etc & always targets the talk to your specific sport & needs as a club. Talks can vary in time from 45 mins to 90 mins & always include a Q&A.

For teams there is the option of a what’s app team group for a month to put those tips into practice & ask any more questions that may arise during real time.