Good protein, good fats and you can do so much with them!

I love avocado blended with butter beans and a little lime juice and chipotle sauce (hot sauce), then I spread it on a wrap and add lots of salad.
• Bean & avocado salad.
Lots of different beans, e.g. black eyed beans, chick peas, cannellini (I’m batch cooking here.) Dice a red pepper, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and lots of fresh coriander. For the dressing, I just mix lime juice, garlic, olive oil and salt & pepper.
• For a side, I’d do the above but leave out the beans.

• Or try a chicken fajita without the wrap.
Just stir fry chicken, peppers, and onion slices in a little oil, add some chilli powder, cumin, garlic, ginger if you like it, salt, and pepper.
Slice up the avocado, arrange on lettuce leaves, add the hot chicken etc.
Add a splash of olive oil, lime juice, onto the avocado.