All packages can be carried out online or in person.

Working with elite & amateur, national & international athletes to ensure they perform at their best by feeling their best! Athletes from various backgrounds have worked with Optimal Health & Performance & gained great results. We have worked with Triathletes, Ironman, Marathon & Ultra Marathon, Athletics, Cyclists, GAA, Golf, Martial Arts, Kayakers, Rugby, Adventure racing, Multi Day events, Montane Spine Race, amongst others.


Losing weight will help you perform better, but you need to ensure you lose the correct weight. Having your own personalised consultation focuses on you, your lifestyle, training & performance goals. Its not a one pack suits all. Its as individual as you.

You will start off with a 60 min consultation to have a chat about your goals, current health, training & plan throughout the year. We take a body composition analysis to include, weight, bmi, body fat, muscle, hydration etc. We then provide a plan to enable you to lose weight while training without diminishing your energy levels.
Ideally bring your training plan (or part of) to this so we can cycle your food to match your energy needs.

This can be done as a one off where you will receive a dietary analysis, weight, bmi, body fat, muscle, hydration etc. We then plan so you can lose weight while training by providing you with a personalised nutrition plan including tips on portions, what to eat before/after training/competing.


This functional sports performance package keep you focused throughout your season. Your nutritional needs will change & the package is ideal to ensure your energy levels remain constant to perform & recover better. We also plan & practice your race nutrition, plus pre/post-race weeks, to ensure you arrive at your race in the best possible condition & recover well too.

Recovery is key during your race season; therefore, we will also keep a focus on energy levels & other markers to help you avoid nutritional deficiencies, Over Training Syndrome & REDS, (common in athletes).

Fees vary depending season/ races. Contact Jackie on 087-7112046.


Don’t let all your hard work during your race season go over the off season. Sign up for the maintenance package & opt in to 1 or 2 consultations a month to keep you race ready for the next season. Access to a food tracker (by invite from a nutritional professional only) is included in this package to ensure we have the correct balance of foods throughout. Athletes find this package of great benefit to maintain weight.

How a Dietary Coaching consultation works

Your first consultation takes approximately 1 hour. During this we will take a detailed history and look at any how you feel now & what you want to achieve from the Dietary Coaching. We discuss your reasons for choosing Dietary Coaching, (e.g., weight loss/gain, lack of energy, general health and well-being, sports nutrition etc).

  • You will ideally have kept a food diary which we can discuss when you make your first appointment.

  • We will weigh and measure you, check your bmi, waist circumference and discuss your goals.

  • We will set realistic goals and discuss a time frame to complete each goal.

Follow up consultations are usually on a weekly/fortnightly basis, but this can be altered to suit you. All consultations can be carried out online or in person.