Along with a ‘health check’, great meal plans, recipes & advice on portions having a coach makes you accountable for your actions.
Accountability is a very important factor in achieving the results you want.
At Optimal Health and Performance, once some clients reach their goals they will often ‘check in’ on a fortnightly or monthly basis to keep them accountable.
The definition of Accountability; the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.
You are responsible for your commitment.
While you are accountable to your coach, always remember you are accountable to yourself first & foremost. You are not doing this for anyone else, you are doing this for you (with the guidance of a coach). But having a coach can help when you feel like throwing the towel in or giving up because you have told your coach your goals & saying them out loud is another way of being accountable. Also, you have committed to turning up (in person or virtually) every week on the good weeks & the not so good.
Change: What are you willing to change to achieve your desired outcome?
Without changing your habits, you won’t see anything different or achieve results.
Commitment: Very little in this world is instant in regard to your health. Weight loss, better health, being fitter, faster, able to move for longer, these all take time & commitment.
The results you achieve will have been worth the change. At Optimal Health & Performance we have a 12-week programme. The results are truly great because of the commitment (for 12 weeks), willingness to change & accountability aspects. Of course, great meal plans, advice & recipes help too, along with an app to track your food & teach you all about getting the balance of nutrients correct so you don’t go hungry & fuel your body optimally.
(Just a note on the 12 week plans, we do take a break at Christmas & all weeks carry over to the end of your programme, but you may still use the app if you wish at no extra cost over the break).

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